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Porsche of Stevens Creek

Porsche Dynamic Repair offered at Porsche of Stevens Creek Service Department

Whether you purchased your Porsche from an authorized Porsche Dealer, bought it pre-owned from an individual, or imported it into California, Porsche of Stevens Creek is committed to treating each customer equally and providing the best Porsche experience. It is our goal at Porsche of Stevens Creek to help you maintain your vehicle’s optimum performance.


For added convenience and a hassle-free experience, we have partnered with several trusted companies to provide Porsche Dynamic Repair. We will coordinate cosmetic repair services through our dealership, to ensure that your vehicle's appearance-and your satisfaction-- are unblemished, and that every part on your Porsche remains pure Porsche. To arrange for Porsche Dynamic Repair, contact us. We'll handle the rest.



  • Glass Repair
    A stone impact may seem slight but safe driving is only possible if you have good visibility. Glass repair prevents any cracks in the glass from spreading and breaking the windscreen. We would be pleased to advise on what types of stone chip can be repaired within the technical and legal limits. We will also deal with your insurance claim if required.
  • Dent Repair Using the dent repair service, numerous dents and bulges without paint damage can be repaired virtually without trace. The time and costs involved are comparatively low as no parts have to be replaced. The repair depends on the size and number of dents and the deformation depth and position of the dent. However, minor damage to the edges of supporting body structures cannot be repaired.

  • Paint Repair If you are involved in active sport, scratches and bruises are unavoidable. But 'wound healing' can be accelerated at Porsche. In most cases it is possible to work on only the damaged area. The original part remains on the vehicle, thus saving time and costs.

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Alloy wheels are a real eyecatcher. However, they are often exposed not only to glances, but also severe stresses, sharp-edged gravel or kerbstones. Minor blemishes can be rectified in most cases. Our highly competent technical staff would be pleased to advise on the spot.


Give us a call at 408-247-1655 or stop by our Porsche Service Center located at 4155 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA.

Date Posted: July 5, 2017