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Porsche of Stevens Creek

Porsche All Weather Mats available in our Porsche Boutique

Making the decision between carpet and rubber floor mats can be difficult, but we at Porsche of Stevens Creek use a methodical approach in helping our customers make that decision.  Most customers have an immediate desire or need for one or the other, but we often talk with customers that simply have a difficult time in choosing. 

Here are our thoughts about rubber and carpet mats. The Porsche rubber mats are easy to clean and provide the best protection for the value.  Made to withstand harsh and dirty climates, if you’re in area with snow or a lot of rain, or typically track in a lot of dirt or debris, it is an easy decision. If you don’t typically track in a lot of dirt or grime, but still want to have the floor coverage, a carpet mat may be what you need.

Stop by our Porsche Boutique at 4155 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA to view the All Weather Porsche rubber mats or the carpet mats. 




Date Posted: October 9, 2017