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The Porsche of Stevens Creek Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!

Brook Margraves

Brook Margraves | General Manager


Tom O'Leary

Tom O'Leary | Finance Manager

Tom brings over 39 years of automotive experience. When Tom first started his career in the automotive industry, he started out as a sales consultant. Since then Tom has worked as a Finance Manager and General Sales Manager in different car lines. Tom has completed his certification through the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP). In 2013, Tom joined the Porsche Stevens Creek team as the dealership’s Finance Manager. Tom was recognized as part of the top 10% Finance Managers for the Penske Western Region for 2015.  Having an extensive product knowledge and experience, Tom is able to provide financing options to each customer's particular situation to own their dream Porsche.

Phone: 408.247.1655 • Email:

Robb Eglsaer

Robb Eglsaer | Porsche Certified Fleet Manager

Robb Eglsaer has over 57 years of Porsche experience. Robb first started his career in 1959 at Porsche AG. Robb was given the opportunity to study in America at Marquette University while working for Porsche. After graduate school, Robb worked in several positions ranging from working for distributorship, sales consultant, sales manager, and general manager at various Porsche Dealerships. Robb first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 1990 when it was first affiliated with Anderson Behel, which was acquired through Penske in 2005. Throughout the years Robb has established rapport with his clients and build a large loyal customer base.

Phone: 408.260.6126 • Email:

George Acosta

George Acosta | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

George brings over 40 years of automotive experience, of that over 27 years of Porsche experience. George first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 2010. George is a certified Porsche Brand Ambassador and has completed over 150 training courses. With his extensive experience in sales and exceptional communication in English and Spanish, George has the ability to elicit trust and confidence of his clients. Needless to say George possesses the knowledge and the passion to help find his clients find their perfect Porsche.

Phone: 408.260.6124 • Email:

Dale Dyer

Dale Dyer | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

Dale Dyer brings over 20 years of automotive experience, all with luxury brands including Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche. Dale joined the Porsche Stevens Creek team in 2013. Dale holds an AA in English and History. Dale has owned several Porsches over the years including 1957 Speedster, 1965 356 SC, and 1969 912 Targa. As a Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador, Dale is dedicated to bring excellence to every aspect for his clients and epitomize the commitment of the world-renowned sports car marque.

Phone: 408.260.6125 • Email:

Sergey Maskalik

Sergey Maskalik | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

Sergey brings 25 years of ongoing Automotive experience including, but not limited to Exotic, Luxury and Sport performance brands. Sergey joined the Porsche Stevens Creek team in 2015. Sergey has a proven track record assisting customers in decision making and purchasing process.

Phone: 408.260.6129 • Email:

Mike Squatritto

Mike Squatritto | Porsche Certified Service and Parts Director

Mike has over 16 years of automotive experience. Mike first started his automotive career as a shipping and receiving clerk. Since then he had worked in every position in the parts department. Mike first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team as the Parts Manager in 2008. With his strong work ethic and tenacity Mike was promoted to Parts and Service Director in 2011. Mike attended NADA and graduated in 2013. As the Parts and Service Director, Mike strives to provide the best customer experience whether it is for Parts or Service.

Phone: 408.247.1655 • Email:

Jeremy DeFrisco

Jeremy DeFrisco | Porsche Certified Service Consultant

Jeremy has over 25 years of automotive experience. Jeremy first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 2006. Jeremy holds an A.A. Degree at San Jose State University. As a Porsche certified Brand Ambassador, Jeremy’s ultimate goal is to deliver the greatest Porsche Service experience.

Phone: 408.260.6152 • Email:

Ron Sakai

Ron Sakai | Porsche Certified Service Consultant

Ron has over 17 years of automotive experience. Ron first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 2003. Ron holds an A.A. Degree at San Jose State University. As a Porsche certified Brand Ambassador, Ron’s number one goal is to provide the best customer experience possible at all times.

Phone: 408.260.6154 • Email:

Chelsea  Stewart

Chelsea Stewart | Porsche Certified Service Consultant

Chelsea brings over 12 years of automotive experience. Chelsea first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 2013. Chelsea holds a Sociology Degree at San Jose State University. As a Porsche certified Brand Ambassador, Chelsea is committed to client care and ensuring their satisfaction.

Phone: 408.260.6156 • Email:

Sam  Resnick

Sam Resnick | Service Consultant

Sam brings over 10 years of automotive experience.  He recently joined Porsche in April 2016 by way of being a customer first, himself owning a Porsche and being a huge fan of the brand since he was little.  Having worked in the performance parts aftermarket industry, been a certified Toyota Master Technician, and earning a BA in Automotive Business Management from Penn State University that focuses on customer service, Sam has the skills necessary to help clients maintain their vehicles to the highest standard.

Phone: 408.260.6155 • Email:

Monty  Munsell

Monty Munsell | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

Monty Munsell brings over 14 years of automotive experience. Prior to joining Porsche Stevens Creek, Monty was a Chef for 7 years. When Monty first started his career at Porsche Stevens Creek in 2002, he started off as a parts delivery driver. Since then Monty has worked shipping and receiving, retail parts, whole sale parts, and back counter parts.  In 2011, Monty was promoted to Parts Manager. Having experienced every position in the department, Monty has acquired and honed important skills necessary to successfully managing the dealership’s parts department.

Phone: 408.247.1655

Christopher  Boyd

Christopher Boyd | Porsche Certified Parts Specialist

Christopher Boyd brings over 15 years of automotive experience. Chris first joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 2005 as a shipping and receiver. Throughout the years, Chris was promoted to retail parts and is now the technicians’ parts specialist. Prior to joining us, Chris worked at an independent shop specializing in Volkswagen and Audi. With his extensive knowledge of German car lines, Chris efficiently and effectively helps technicians and customers select the proper parts in maintaining their Porsche’s optimum performance.

Phone: 408.260.6162 • Email:

Glenna  Nadonza

Glenna Nadonza | Porsche Certified Parts Specialist

Glenna Nadonza brings over 10 years of retail experience, of that 9 being automotive. Glenna joined the Porsche Stevens Creek Team in 2008 as part time cashier. In 2009, Glenna became the dealership’s boutique specialist and created our dealership’s eBay store in 2010. Since then Glenna has become Porsche certified in parts and continues to work closely with Porsche Cars North America to develop marketing and merchandising strategies. Glenna was featured in Porsche’s Internal Business Guideline in 2014 for maintaining one of the world’s most successful boutiques.  In addition, Glenna attended San Jose State University and graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. Whether it is in person, through the phone or online, Glenna's goal is to deliver the best customer experience.

Phone: 408.260.6144 • Email: